19 January 2017 Various Artists - Just Go Wild Over Rock And Roll

Although Chess is arguably the most important Blues label in history, one could make a very solid case for their Rock and Roll output being even more significant in terms of influence on the sound of modern music.


Strangely, and not as the result of any particular design or marketing tactic, the Chess Rock and Roll story mirrors the Blues’ tale in that there were two massive stars who dominated the company’s successes. For Blues it was Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, for Rock and Roll it was Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, and these leading men were supported by a legion of lesser lights who also contributed their own verses to the Gospel.


A detailed overview of rock & roll on the Chess label, arguably the birthplace of the genre, this release is founded on the work of those bona fide ‘originators’ Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, of course, but also features contributions from greats like Bobby Charles, Paul Gayten, Dale Hawkins and Clarence 'Frogman' Henry as well as highly collectable recordings by such as Baker Knight, Lou Josie, Eddie Fontaine and TV Slim & the Heartbreakers.


It begins in 1951 with what is widely regarded as the first rock & roll single, Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston & his Delta Cats, featuring Ike Turner, and ends with the label's last major hit, Chuck Berry'sMy Ding-a-Ling (1972).


The rhythms and grooves minted at Chess in the 50s and 60s continue to resonate throughout popular music and this is another collection of seminal recordings from a seminal label. A compilation like this, combining public domain and non-public domain material, is something of a rarity and it should appeal to those with an interest in R&B, rockabilly and the roots of what became 'rock' as we know it today.


With the unprecedented force and sheer unalloyed soul of their work, many of the Chess artists here, led by Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, expanded the musical vernacular and were prominent in the mix of artists that inspired a generation of white kids to pick up guitars and knock out a tune on both sides of the Atlantic – notably The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who further advanced the rock template and without whom..., well, you know the rest.




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